Trouble getting started, 1500w 48v motor

Trying to get started with ODrive and 1500w Golden motor. Following the ‘getting started’ guide. Tried both CUI encoder and motor hall sensors. Details below. All help much appreciated!

  • Hardware seems to work, I’m using OdriveTool on Windoze PC, it works, I can talk to the ODrive, all looks good. Running from a 5A 48V power supply for now to limit current. No load on motor.
  • Encoder A and B signals look good on a scope when spinning motor by hand. I did not hook up the Z line since it is optional. Cui 102 encoder.
  • As suggested in the doc I hooked up DC to one winding and counted bumps when turning the motor by hand. I counted 5 bumps in one revolution and entered that 5 in the “pole pairs” field. Repeated the test several times. Saved config and rebooted.
  • I can run the calibration command, it jumps and the motor turns one way, but usually it does not turn back the other way. Then I can find errors, usually they are encoder errors.
  • The encoder by default was 2048 PPR so the Odrive default 8192 is good. So why am I seeing “cpr out of range” or whatever the exact error code is?
  • Yikes, at 5000 RPM 2048 PPR is 10MHz, that’s not so good. So I set the DIP switches in the encoder to make 100 PPR, and entered 400 in the ODrive software. Still no good.
  • Since i was getting encoder errors, I decided to ditch the encoder and use the hall sensors built into the motor. Wired it up, with .02uf bypass caps. Set the CPR to 5*6 = 30. But when I do the calibration routine I’m still getting errors. I can easily switch between hall and encoder, so advice about either mode will be helpful.
  • The hoverboard part of the ‘getting started’ guide mentions a lot of different parameters because the motor is so different from a typical R/C plane motor. I wonder if this is the root of my problem. How to choose reasonable starting parameters for my motor? The motor is Golden Motor # BLDC-108, you can go here and scroll down, but they don’t provide a lot of tech data.

So I have yet to get the motor spinning. I can get partway or (once, I don’t know why it was different0 all the way through the calibration procedure, but then it leaves error flags and I can’t get the motor to run. Any advice about what I should try next will be much appreciated! It looks like the ODrive is a good system that will meet my needs… but the learning curve feels a bit steep right now. :slight_smile:

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I have seen the inside of several motors, and think that you have the pole count wrong. That is a high torque motor, and there should be dozens of poles. 12-48 poles on a large diameter hub motor is not unusual. There should be a multi of 2 more magnets than poles. Also the pole found is usually a multiple of 3.

I am planning a similar project soon, and am curious of the answer