Troubleshooting Short between VCC and GND

Hi, My name is Marisa. I am new to the odrive community and this is my first post.

I have a 3.6 Odrive unit that is rated for 24 volts that I just unboxed the odrive for a project and was going to begin programming it. I had the odrive hooked up to a power supply (including the power resistor, plugged into the computer. I was able to connect to the odrive tool without any problems. After adding a motor I was able to successfully run the motor.

After unplugging and testing a few times, I saw a spark between the terminal connectors for Vcc and ground. After that the board starting making a high pitch squeaking noise and the U2 connection on the board( STM32F405) was getting very warm very quickly as well as the M0 motor control chip. I had been repeating the same steps as when i started up the board initially when the spark happened. I immediately disconnected it from power and removed all the wire connections. I did some continuity testing and I discovered there seems to be a short between dc power and ground. I also found shorts by checking connectivity on all of the capacitors. The following capacitors: C65, C7, C8, C9, C10, C19, C20, C25, C60, C29, C36, C44, C55, C56, C57, C51, and C62 all showed to be potential causes of the shorts. I also tested the pins and found that gnd was shorted to 5v, 3.3, and surprisingly the Miso as well.

I was wondering if I did something wrong/ what could have happened to cause all this, especially when i was able to run the motor before. I wanted to know whether the board could be fixed or if there is a potential that the STM32 was damaged.

Hi Marisa,

What voltage are you using to power the board? What else is plugged into the board?


Can you show a picture of the location the spark happened?

I was using 24 volt power supply with the provided power resistor. I had a smaller current draw motor called the QBL4208 from Trinamic motion control which i was running using the gimbal control mode since the motor has low current draw. I had not replaced the shunt resistors yet but again i was able to run the motor a few times with no problems. The spark occurred between my two power supply leads that connect to the odrive.

Just to confirm - you were plugging / unplugging the power at the battery connector to reboot the ODrive, and one time during that process you saw a spark?

Can you confirm that it was plugged in with correct polarity?