Tuning the torque loop


I am developing a force-controlled robot. I tested the performance of the ODrive torque control mode after configuration. I simply measured the output torque using a torque sensor. While the result shows me that it takes about 300 ms to reach a new reference value, as shown in this figure:

I would like to know if it’s possible to improve its convergency speed by tuning any parameters.
And also, how can I change the kp, ki for the torque control loop?

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You sure your sensor isn’t doing that filtering?

You can’t change them manually, but you can change them by changing the motor.config.current_control_bandwidth (they always maintain a critically damped configuration according to the inductance and resistance measurement)

Yes, there is a filter set for the sensor. I tried increasing the current_control_bandwidth but no luck, the convergency speed didn’t increase with that. Then, I increased the pos_gain, vel_gain, and vel_integrator_gain in addition, and it showed me a better result. Now, it takes about 50ms to reach a new reference.

Maybe my initial pos_gain, vel_gain and vel_integrator_gain is too small. I don’t know what exactly happen :joy:

Sorry, the convergency speed is about 100-110 ms now, instead of 50 ms.

That shouldn’t have any effect in torque control mode, but position/velocity yes of course