TUP Warning to windows users and firmware upgrade

Hey all,

After fiddling with this firmware compiling for literally 5 days straight, where tying tup in the command line give me a bunch of errors. Only to find out that downloading tup version 0.7.8 causes issues as windows detects that the file tup32detect.exe is a virus and removes it.
Now you can white list it or do as i did…
1- download version 0.7.6 from here
2- unzip and place the entire folder somewhere (say c:/tup-v0.7.6), make sure the tup32detect.exe file is there
3- in the search bar type env and click on Edit the system environment
4- click on environment variables
5- under system variables find Path an click edit
6- click new and add the path to the tup folder

Now you should be able to run tup in the firmware directory.
Hope this helps


I went ahead and submitted a false positive report for tup32detect.exe with Windows Defender. I’ll keep y’all updated


The Windows Defender team already came back and verified it as a false positive, so this shouldn’t happen anymore.

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Thank you for following up with this!