Unable to run Flycat 5010 360 KV in sensorless mode

hello Odrive community, I am trying to get the FlyCat 5010 360 KV BLDC motor run in sensorless mode using Odrive controller(v.36). But I am not able to make the motor spin. I can occasionally hear a beep when I use the motor calibration command. I have set the basic parameters such as current limit, velocity limit, pole pairs,.etc. If there is an important configuration that must be done kindly let me know. I want to do velocity control and torque control. Can someone please guide me on this? Thank you.

You can’t do torque control in sensorless mode, you must do velocity control (and only in one direction).

Are you following the sensorless guide? Parameters & Commands — ODrive Documentation 0.5.5 documentation

Thank you for your help. It was difficult to run the Flycat motor in sensorless mode even after following the documentation. But I will try it again soon as I am currently getting good results while using the Odrive D6374 150 KV with CUI encoder. I am able to run calibration and do velocity and position control.

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