Unable to use velocity control

I’m trying to use velocity control. For some reason, as long as the integrator gain is set to zero, the following command doesn’t seem to have any effect:

my_drive.motor1.set_vel_setpoint( 2400.0, 0.0)

Set_pos_setpoint seems to work correctly, and if I set the integrator gain to something nonzero the command makes the motor move (with lots of lag). No errors are reported. I’m clearly doing something wrong. Any ideas?


What motor are you using, what is your mechanical load? What is your vel_gain? When it’s sat trying to go but not trying hard enough (with integrator off), what value do you get for my_odrive.motor1.current_control.Iq_setpoint?

Great! It seems I was being too soft on the vel_gain. Increasing it seems to fix it for me. Thanks for the help!


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