Unbalanced Phases error w/ v0.5.4 and ODrive D312S Motor


I am getting MOTOR_ERROR_UNBALANCED_PHASES error when I try to run “odrv0.axis0.requested_state = AXIS_STATE_FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE”. I am using utility v0.5.4 and Odrive’s D5312S motor.

Is this error a hardware or firmware issue? From what I could find online, it seems like this error is either related to a motor cable issues between the motor leads and the board, or the v0.5.4 firmware update. The supplied leads from the D5312S motor are screwed into the board so it doesn’t seem like the issue is related to the cables being too long, too thin or not connected properly.

I am planning on trying see if the command runs using utility v0.5.1, but just wanted to see if anyone else had any thoughts on this issue. Thanks friends.

Almost always hardware. It’s telling you that one of the 3 phases doesn’t have the same resistance as the other two. Check for pinched insulation / poor connections

I had this error show up when I forgot to strip the enamel coating off of the motor wires I was trying to connect. (I shortened the motor wires for a custom application.) This is something you can check with a multimeter. Wire resistances between phases should be very small (on the order of tens to hundreds of milliohms), not an open circuit.

Once I “cooked” the motor wire leads with solder heat and was able to get solder to stick to them, I cleaned it up, and this error disappeared.

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Thanks everyone for the help and input! Hoping to do some troubleshooting this weekend (just started a new job this week).

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