Unresponsive test_bulk.py over USB after connecting


I’ve flashed my new ODrive 3.3 with the 5065 motor and encoder kit. I get to the point where I’m asked to “Enter ODrive command” but when I do (e.g. g 1 3 for error code) I get no response. The drive seems to have initialised… The drive beeped, then the motor went forwards and then backwards, but then nothing.

I was able to query the error codes earlier and even create some unstable movement, but but then I’ve had a whole load of issues flashing with ST dongle which has become really hit and miss. But the fact that the startup procedure takes place leads me to think that I have correctly flashed the ODrive.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any ideas on how to debug?

I am running Windows 10 and have used Zadig to configure the USB driver for the ODrive to libusb-win32


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Hi Ash,

Did you flash the master branch or the v3.3-pinout branch?

Thanks for your patience, I know the environment is not the easiest to use.

Hi, thanks for the quick response. I used the v3.3-pinout branch

If you are available to Skype right now, please add skype ID: madcowswe, and we can do an interactive support session?

Just to update on this, @madcowswe gave me a Skype interactive support session and diagnosed a knackered STLink programmer, so I got a new one and am now over this hurdle.

Thanks for the help Oskar!


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