Update failed Odrive v3.6

Hi all (again),

Yeah hasn’t been long and I got into troubles again :-/
Ubuntu 22.04.1 with Odrive v3.6

Following the getting started, I attempted to upgrade the firmware. (ohoh, yeah)
So here is what I have done step by step:

  1. launched odrivetol. It said: “Please connect your ODrive”
  2. powered up ODrive and connected USB
  3. Then it showed “Connected to ODrive 207B… as odrv0”
  4. I closed odrivetool and then
  5. started odrivetool dfu
  6. found new fw online, confirmed with Y to install
  7. "Putting device <serial_no> into DFU mode…
  8. [LEGACY_OBJ] protocol failed with 3 - propagating error to application

from that point it keep waiting and printing the following line to terminal:
found device but could not check serial number (retrying in 1s)

What am I gonna do next? I have not touched anything yet. Not sure if I should power-cycle or what?

Please let me know. Here also a screen-grab

power cycled it and retried all steps above. It was able to connect normally. then I ran
sudo odrivetool dfu and it was able to flash. It did come up with the same yellow error message (or warning)
all good now I guess

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That LEGACY OBJ error just happens when the device reboots.