USB cable length

Hi all

Hopefully someone can help?

I have a up and running motion simulator running on 3 x Odrives, that I’d like to move away from my PC.

Does anyone know if I could use 15 meter high speed USB cables to talk to the drives?

What happened when you tried it?

Unfortunately I haven’t tried this yet. I’m hoping that someone has knowledge or has done this before. Didn’t really want to spend out on a cable if it doesn’t work.

Don’t do this. USB does not work at those distances. Use CAN instead.
USB for configuration and debugging, CAN for control.

I’d love to see your motion sim, how much did it cost to build?

Thank you for the reply.

I suspected this would be the case. I’m new to all this and am enjoying the steep learning curve I’ve been on. I’ve not used CAN so I guess I need to look into this.

First time on the forum. I’ll try and post a brief video if I can.

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I guess I’m up to £2500 now. It’s hard to say. Still a temporary set up. Looks like my little one could do with some driving lessons.

Here’s a link if interested

Thanks again.

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Just for information. I have found a 15m usb cable with active repeater that works well.

Became curious and thought it worth a gamble at £25.

If anyone wants the Amazon link let me know.