USB connection issue


After getting a bit into the Odrive, I got the next issue. I can’t connect to the Odrive via the USB anymore. I tried different cables and ports but it seems that the problem is not caused by that. If I put the switch to DFU, it gets detected by Zadig as STM 32 Bootloader. The driver is set to libusb-win32.

Is there a other option instead of trying with a STLink , which I don’t have?

Try a Linux PC or a Raspberry Pi?
libusb-win32 is notoriously crap. Zadig is a hack that shouldn’t be needed in a properly designed operating system. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Alternatively, try re-flashing it with a different DFU tool.

I was busy with other stuff…

I think I just killed my Odrive.
I was just trying to connect the Odrive with a Raspy to fix the USB issue.

When I plugged the power supply, the power led began to flicker.
I am using two 3s lipos in serial, voltage measured 22.3 V

I disconnected the power suppy.

after reconnecting, the Led was off.

what should I do?
Is the board dead?

Ok, the green LED hangs directly off of the 3.3V rail, which is supplied by U3. (schematic here)
Almost certainly what happened, is that you accidentally short-circuited the 3.3V and damaged U3.
Use a multimeter between GND and 5V to see if the 5V rail is still working.
You could try supplying 3.3V from another source into the ODrive on any of its 3.3V pins, and see if the green LED comes on, and then try connecting to it from a PC. If the ODrive works (ie shows up on USB) with an external 3.3V supply, then you could replace U3 with a new 3.3V regulator if you are tooled up for SMT soldering. Otherwise, you could connect any 3.3V LDO regulator between any of the 5V, GND, and 3.3V pins on the board.

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