USB connection not working anymore

I have 6 ODrives 3.6 (robot dog), and one Odrive does not show up in the odrivetool anymore.Host is a Raspberry PI 4, Ubuntu 20, I installed ODrivetool, it works like a charm with 5 of my Odrives, but one does not react.

lusb shows nothing, I tried the DFU switch while powering up, but still does not show in odrivetool or lsusb. The green light is on.I also tried the tipp from the forum about re-solding the USB connector, but it had no effect.
UART works fine, it seems that only the USB connection is bad.
Any tipps or help ?

Are you using USB isolators? It may have been damaged in a ground loop?

I use the USB only for flashing and configuring, i.e. the UART etc. was not connected, I did not use USB isolators but just plugged it in the raspberry.
However, Diego offered me a replacement :slight_smile: