USB Device not recognized


Good morning,

I am having issues with windows 10 not recognizing odrive properly. When i plug it in i get i get “USB Device not Recognized (Device descriptor request failed)” , in device manager it shows “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)”.

I have tried Zadig to load the libusb-win32 driver even though i am win64. Every time driver installation fails.

I have removed the USB device as well as my USB Root Hub and restarted with the same results. I have attempted to force windows to install the odrive cdc driver but no luck…

I have tried booting with the dip switch set to DFU mode, same results…

I have been able to re-flash the firmware using STLink-V2 and openocd using the downloaded firmware 3.5 24v, but no change in the USB connection issues. I have attempted to connect using odrivetool in Anaconda3 without success, therefore i cannot flash using odrivetool.

Due to the fact that i am new to python, i have attempted the Arduino interface as well with marginally more success. I was able to at least partially calibrate the motor, i get a quick short move at the beginning then a beep then the motor does a full rotation and stops. After this i am able to read the bus voltage and motor position but unable to send a test move - nothing happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i have been searching the documentation and tried everything i can find with regards to the USB issue with no luck…

Best regards,