USB does not enumerate


We been working with the 48v/3.5v version with a pair of hoverboard motors.

For some reason, the USB fails to enumerate in run mode (tried multiple computers and OS’s).
The DFU enumerate always works.

After re-flashing the firmware (with DFU SE Demo), we can get run mode to work for some period of time.
Typically, coming back to the project after a few days and it fails the run mode enumeration.

Any ideas? Things to trouble shoot?


Someone else also reported a similar issue recently, and we are trying to track down the reason.
Do you normally execute odrv.save_configuration() a lot during running? Either by script or by human.

Only once to save to config, so in all it’s only been executed maybe 10 times over the course a few months.

The shortest period where it has failed to enumerate was the day I wrote the initial post.
It had been about 2 hours after reflashing and setting up the drive again.

Anything we can try? Are the details to this similar issue posted in the forum?