Use pre-saved calibration after flashing new firmware

We have two motors connected to an Odrive which we have calibrated. Now we want to reflash the Odrive with a new firmware, but we would like to avoid redo the calibration because the test rig where the motor sits on is quite complicated to strip down, and takes a lot of time.

Therefore, I wonder, is there a way to easily re-flash the ODrive with a new firmware but still use the old calibration (without redoing the calibration once again)?

odrivetool backup-config and odrivetool restore-config “should” be good for this, but I can’t guarantee it. Mostly it depends on the changes between the two firmware revisions.
I assume you have absolute SPI encoders?

You want the offset and offset-float values, and the direction values. Plus motor phase resistance and inductance. I think everything else is ok?