Using a smps in combination with the ODrive

I want to use a smps to supply the power to the ODrive but my problem is that you can’t set a max current that gets drawn from the power supply, what is the best way to solve this?:

  • use a capacitor bank in parallel tot the power supply, the problem here would be that the capacitors get drained very fast so I would already have to use a battery instead of capacitors.
  • add a current limit with software in the ODrive
  • add a current limit with arduino to adjust the current limit to the motor according
  • other?

Cheers Stijn


Yes your right, at this time there is no way to limit the power draw of the odrive. However this feature is in the works. For the time being you will just have to limit your max motor current and/or velocity so that it does not exceed the power limit of your supply. Alternatively you could look into a bigger supply or running your odrive off something like an old car battery which can deliver the required power in bursts and then use your power supply to charge the battery.

it’s for integration in a project so I really need to do it with a smps and not a battery, the thing is I want to most torque possible so if I set my current at 28A (1200W @ 42V) its not the max at every speed.
Cheers Stijn.

FYI here’s the reference to the planned feature.

Thanks for answering, when will this get inplemented?
Cheers Stijn


When will this feature be integrated?