Using a turnigy 6X transmitter and receiver

Hi, guys, I am pretty new to this so if you could explain the answer to my problem in fairly simple terms I would appreciate it, I was going to buy an ESC because I could connect my battery to it and have the bec that outputs 2A for my turnigy 6x ( I ended up buying an o-drive and am curious as how to connect my turnigy 6x to this. The 6x is a transmitter and receiver that if you plug it into an ESC I’m pretty sure you can control the motors, how would such a thing be achieved with my o-drive?

And one final thing, there is no coding involved with the 6x you plug it in and it can control a robot right away by making go front and back, etc. I have a robot project due on this next week so if you guys can help me out I would really appreciate it.

You’re going to want to use the RC PWM control interface method as described here:

Thank you I appreciate it, there is no coding though? Is it plug and play?

Yep, just plug and play. You have to configure the ODrive via the USB tool (odrivetool) but no actual programming required.

So I can just use jump wires from the o-drive to the receiver? My teacher is concerned about the o-drive breaking the receiver, could this happen?

You plug it in the same way that you would plug in an ESC. Why are you be worried that ODrive could break it?

He said something about if the current coming from the o-drive being to large and breaking the receiver, he is not to familiar with an o-drive so maybe he doesn’t really understand what it is but I tried my best to explain it.

And the 6X receiver takes 3 wires it seems, the o-drive gpio only has one, would it work if I only plugged one wire into the receiver?

Can you link to the 6x receiver so I can see what it looks like?

The voltage for the receiver needs to be:
Power: 4.5v ~ 9.6v/<30ma
so use a little usb battery pack for that, they output at 5v to 5.2v.

If you encounter something with sbus, you can get an sbus to pwm decoder: