Using an Arduino with 0.5.3 - not working? [SOLVED]

Been trying for 2 days with zero luck - wondering if anyone is using Arduino with 0.5.3 successfully?

The ODrive Arduino library with the example sketch “OdriveArduinoTest” is not changing STATES. If I change the STATES in odrivetool command line then I can run the “Sinusoidal test move” and get voltages, but calibrations are not happening.

If I downgrade the firmware to 0.5.1 or 0.5.2, it works but all the configuration/tuning work I did in 0.5.3 doesn’t work optimally and I would like to avoid running older firmware.

Any tips, articles threads to make this work or any other way to use Arduino without the library would be great.

I suspect the command “odrive.run_state” is broken by the new firmware. Everything runs perfect with odrivetool, I’m ready to build my hardware interface but this is blocking me :frowning:

My system is:

Arduino Mega / USB isolator > computer
ODrive USB > computer

Ummmm. This buggy 0.5.3 version wasted too many days out of my life. You can perhaps try 0.5.4 dev branch and see if the errors are gone or still there. My 0.5.3 refused to change the state also, but my setup was also different. Might be related though, worth a try at least. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to compile and flash.

Thanks for the tip - I’m a couple hours in trying to compile the 0.5.4 firmware on Mac. I just switched to Windows via bootcamp but it’s not working. Is there a compiled HEX anywhere?

We figured out the issue. The compiler that CI was using didn’t support one of the string format options we had used, so it worked on the bench for us but not in the customer-distributed files. This will be fixed in 0.5.4 :slight_smile:

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Hi…I’m having a similar issue. I accepted my Mega2560 2 days prior. Until this evening, all was working great. Out of nowhere the very code that was transferring wouldn’t transfer any more. I hadn’t transformed anything. I’ve perused a lot of strings, had a go at changing the AVRDUDE.EXE to a more established form that somebody posted on an alternate site, adjusted the boards.txt document to “wiring” as shown here, had a go at utilizing the ISP developer versus the ISP mkII software engineer as well as the other way around nothing works. I can’t transfer any projects. They all do this equivalent thing. Extremely abnormal since it was working fine and dandy prior.

My issue was because I was on 0.5.3 and there’s a known issue with ASCII… it’s resolved in 0.5.4 which I’m using now.

If your system was working well with Arduino on 0.5.3 and your issue just showed up, it’s probably a different issue.

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