Using an SSI-SPI Adapter to use SSI encoders with Odrive?

Hey there,
the question is already in the topic title. Can I use an SSI-SPI Adapter to use SSI encoders with the Odrive?
I have a motor I’m currently interested that would come with an SSI encoder. I’ve seen that SSI is currently not supported by Odrive. I’ve come across this SSI-SPI adapter from Roboteq and wonder if it would work together with the odrive?

Umm, looks like it might work? Try it out!

But ODrive doesn’t support just arbitrary 16-bit input, so you may have to let us know what encoder you’re running on the other end.

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Well I don’t have an encoder yet. I’m looking into possible motors preferably with encoders attached already. Maybe let me ask the question different. I do know that there is this encoder guide:

But if I see an absolute encoder on a manufacturer site. How can I be sure that it works with the Odrive? Do I have to make sure that they have one of the supported chips like AMS - AS5047P?

I would be interested in the NME2-SSI by Nanotec:

Full docu can be found here: