Using multiple encoders to override where centre is with a button press


I have very limited knowledge on this topic and i’m just starting out but my day job is being an electrician!

The end goal of this project is creating a force feedback joystick that can be trimmed into a new centre position with a button press just like helicopters irl.

My current idea is using Odrive Pros encoder to control a planetary Gear Box Motor, one for x/y and then using one RS485 encoder on each axis.

What I would like to use the RS485’s to do is just track the position of the stick but only provide a controlling input when a button is pressed it tells the controller ‘this is the new centre position return here, overriding the Odrive pros encoder’. Then when another button is pressed it ceases the controlling input and lets the Odrive Pro encoder return the stick to its original centre position.

I just want to know if this is even feasible and what you guys think before i go spending thousands on electronics.