Using precalibrated motor

I am using the 6374 ODrive motor to actuate a braking and steering system. I am using the offered encoders together with the motors and all is working fine. The only issue I have is that the motor won’t enter CLOSED_LOOP after a reboot without me running a full calibration procedure. (I get an error concerning an unknown motor phase) I can calibrate the motor outside of its enclosure, but when I want to actually use it, it won’t be able to turn all the way hence not allowing me to fully calibrate it each restart.

Is there a way to start the odrive system without having to always calibrate the entire system? I have tried the pre calibration config and enabling closed loop on startup but this also does the calibration procedure.

Yes, this is normal.

Enable the index search (encoder.config.use_index), or use an absolute encoder. Encoders — ODrive Documentation 0.0 documentation

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Thank you, I will look into it!