Values for Feed Forward term

I am building a remote controlled golf trolley, using Odrive and BLDC motors for each driven wheel. So far i have successfully got the trolley moving, and am experimenting with appropriate vel_setpoint to get a suitable speed range to match comfortable walking pace. While doing this i haven’t implemented and direction control so both wheels are set at the same speed, i.e straight line motion, if however i manually turn the trolley, odrive immediately tries to correct the speed difference at each wheel causing the trolley to attempt to turn back against the manual effort. Am i right in thinking that this is a result of the feed forward term, i am not specifying any value, so i assume there is a default. If so what values might i try to reduce this affect, when the trolley is operating in manual mode, when i get to remote operation this behaviour is quite desirable, but i will always need a fallback to manual option, in case of bluetooth issues etc. Apologies if this is a bit long winded.

this is a result of the integrator gain term. Set that to zero and it shouldn’t fight you

Thanks, i’ll give that a try.

Thanks @towen that does work, need to spend some time tuning the vel_gain and vel_ramp now, as
with 0 integrator_gain, it takes a long time to react to speed changes. But it solves the issue of fighting against direction changes.

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