Velocity control mode

Hi, I use 24V ODRIVE v3, I used Arduino to communicate with ODRIVE.

I want to know it supports velocity control mode?

if yes, what method which can use it.



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Yeah, you can control an ODrive in velocity control mode from an Arduino using UART with the ASCII protocol. There is an ODriveArduino library that makes this much easier to implement.

I would suggest first configuring the ODrive with odrivetool to ensure everything is working as expected (motor config, encoder config, control mode etc.) before transitioning to the ASCII protocol.

Make sure you configure the UART interface before making this switch!

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Hi, Nicholas

thanks for your replay.
I read the confiure the UART interface document, and ASCII protocal.
there is a descpritpion

so could I understand if I want to send a series of position points to Odrive which generated by a controller , I can use “p” command.
is it a correct understanding?

thanks rob

That is correct!

HI, Nicholas,

what is the ascii command (from arduino to odrive) for setting velocity mode? i did find a example?

You can use the “p” command for velocity control mode. You’ll see in the source code that this also sets the control_mode , the input_mode will have the be set with USB, or the “w” command.
The default input_mode PASSTHROUGH will work, but I would suggest using VEL_RAMP whenever using velocity control mode.

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thanks very useful