Ver 3.4, 48V boards in Europe

Hi All,

Due to the high shipping / custom / tax costs, we decided to make a smaller batch of Odrive boards in EU, Hungary. Version 3.4, 48V. The cost of assembled boards is roughly 150USD (132EUR) . Shipping fee within EU is cca. 10EUR. By end of next week (16th Nov) we should have them ready to ship

If anyone is interested, please let me know.


Hi! I just ordered 1 today…could i cancel the order, get a reinbursement and get it from europe??

Hi James,

we’re germany based and would like to order one board.
I’m new to the board, is there any way of dm?


FYI there is a known issue with ODrive v3.4 that causes a DRV_FAULT when the motor current is around 30A or more. The issue is somewhat mitigated with this fix, but not completely.

On that note, we plan to open an official European webshop soon, maybe in 3-4 weeks from now.


Thanks Oskar for the great job and for the reminder

it’s good to have a eu webshop.

Hi there!

I am :slight_smile:. How can I please be notified?

I will make an announcement on the ODrive Newsletter. You can subscribe to it at the bottom of the ODrive main webpage.


I’ve already bought one board for my graduation project but I need 2 more, but I live in Belgium and last time I needed to pay €50 extra so it would be handy to have them shipped from Europe, please let me know

Carelsbergh Stijn

EU webshop is now up (in beta): European Webshop