DRV_FAULT on ODrive v3.4

There have been scattered reports of getting ERROR_DRV_FAULT on ODrive v3.4. The circumstances that trigger this fault have been fairly elusive; we found it differs between boards, motors and bus voltage, in a fairly inconsistent way. Though we found that it seems to be sensitive to high gain settings. It seems about 5% of users are affected.

We hope to address all of the grounding related glitchyness in ODrive v3.5 where we plan to move to a 4-layer design with a solid ground plane for the logic side.

Meanwhile we found a fix that you can apply to your v3.4 board if you are having issues with DRV_FAULTs. You can change the ground that DVDD is bypassed to from AGND to the GND right under the DRV chip. This has fixed or significantly improved the situation for 4/5 people with the issue.

See the following instructions:

De-solder C35, then solder it on again in the configuration shown. Solder a wire as shown to the thermal pads of the M0 DRV chip. Note that you will need a fair ammount of heat/time to properly wet these vias.

Similarly flip C50 and solder a wire to the vias for M1 side, as per the above picture.

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I seem to be having the same issue. At higher current draws (>35A) the motor suddenly stops responding and I get the error code ERROR_DRV_FAULT. How can I be sure this is the issue and not something else? I am using Odrive 3.4 with the N5065 270kv motor and 2400 CPR optical Encoder and I would like to avoid re-soldering board components unless completely necessary.


What do you get when you read out the following with explore_odrive, when it has entered the fault condition?


Why this error happens?

i amusing odrive 24V v3.5 , still this ERROR_DRV_FAULT is displayed, what can be the possible cause, i just upgraded it to latest firmware and on starting, this error pops up