Vscode config problem with "Python not found"

Dear friends:
My first time use vscode to compile the project. I am using a ubuntu 16.0 virtual machine under Win7.
I configured the enviroment as the doc guides step by step:
1> installed arm-none-eabi-gcc
2> installed tup
3>installed openocd
4>installed python3
5>installed vscode
6> setted the tup.config

just the last step some error ocuured:

reminds me some “Python not found” problem. would someone give me some hint?

thinks very much :slight_smile:

Hi, I am facing the same error “/bin/sh: 1: python: not found”. I have tried adding an alias alias python=python3 but it still shows the same error. Any ideas, anyone?

I had installed the minimal version of Ubuntu and Python 2 seems to be unavailable.
Initially, I did not think that was the problem as I thought all ODrive needs was Python 3.

Anyway, installing Python 2 solved the problem.

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How to installing Python 2 to solve “Python not found” during compilation