Want to buy an Odrive, but need help figuring out if it works with 1000Kv drone motors

I am currently making a 12dof quadruped robot (3D Printed). I have spent months jumping the gun a little bit and designing a couple high torque actuators by using roughly 30:1 reductions. I have been simultaneously trying to figure out a way to drive the things properly, but as you all know the chip shortage has absolutely knocked everything out of stock. I have tried simple FOC but that can’t quite keep up with the motors apparently, and nothing else is really available. I wanted to know if Odrive would be able to drive either or both of these motors.

Propdrive V2 3536 910kV
Propdrive v2 2836 1000kV

If it can run them then all I need is one Odrive controller to test one leg (which can be expanded to a full quadruped once everything comes back into stock in the future). If an Odrive can’t control these motors, then it seems like I have designed my actuators around an unusable motor, so restarting design would be unfortunate for both cost and time. Thank you in advance for your help as I am relatively new to electronics.

What’s the max speed (rev/sec) and the acceleration (rev/sec^2) that you expect to see at the motor?