webGUI - no variable to drag to the control from the dashboard

I use the web GUI to start configuring my Odrive Pro. I found the small intro video about usage of the web GUI. In the video, variable are dragged from the dashboard to the control section. I just found that in my computer, the dashbord is empty and the search line does not gives suggestion to use. Also the variable in the control section are displayed in red. The “Connect new device” seem to detect the odrive USB connection (thru isolated dongle). Any clue.

Did you hit the “Reset to Default” button on the bottom?

Never got to make it run. However, I tried to use Chrome instead of Firefox and some features were now available.

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Hi all, I had a doubt that the problem can be about running the webgui, on Chome, and on Windows. I switched to Ubuntu, while being there, I took the time to install the odrivetool. Once done and tested OK, I fired Chrome and opened the odrive/webgui page - worked without any hickup!
So there is something on the WIndows side that probably prevents (probably) comms with the odrive.
Anyway, if it is working on linux, that is good!
However, if someone has a hit or something to check or try, feel free to post!

Hi, Firefox is not supported (it does not currently support WebUSB). We have a note to that effect but I’m not sure it’s made it to prod yet.