What does an AUX Terminal on the Odrive is used for?

I would like to know the function of an AUX terminal which is between the motor ports.

It’s a generic half-bridge power output, i.e. it can be driven to VBUS or 0V or neither.
I think the developers didn’t know what they wanted to do with it when they first designed it. You could use it as a high power audio amplifier for a loudspeaker. :joy:

However, in the current firmware, its function is to dump power via the brake resistor when necessary, to prevent the VBUS voltage rising above 56V or whatever limit has been configured.


Hi, could I use the AUX +/- to power an Arduino Mega via a Buck-converter? My 56v battery can accept re-gen fro the motors.

No, but you can just hang an Arduino Mega off the 5V rail instead (~ 1A limit)

Thanks that would simplify the circuit. The only reason I wanted 9v supply to the Arduino, is that other self-balancing robot projects have had problems with voltage-dip ‘brown outs’ under high-torque demand situations, causing re-sets of the balance calibration (it falls over).