What is the Max ERPM?

I’m not sure what I’m missing but for some reason I couldn’t find the max ERPM anywhere on the website and docs. I’m trying to run motors with a relatively high KV (340) with 24 poles (12 pole pairs) at 24 V. As a result…

Kv * Pp * V = ERPM
340 * 12 * 24 = ~100,000

Additionally, VESC’s (besides the new expensive ones) are “technically” able to do 100,000, but 60,000 is the realistic max so that’s out of the question. What is the realistic max ERPM of the ODrives and would I be able to run this motor?

The kV rating describes the max rpm at 1V (The RPM to generate 1V bEMF to be precise)
So, at least in my understanding the max RPM is calculated:

We don’t expect users to hit above 35,000 but some users have reported up to 60,000. It depends a bit on the currents that you’re hitting at those speeds / current sensor noise as a fraction of the average current.

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