What is the max interrupt odrive can handle on one channel?

I am planning to use encoder with 1024 ppr with the motor gearhead of 26:1 at an rpm of 600.
So the calculated interrupt will be
4096* 26* 60= 6389760 per second per channel.
So can the odrive process that much of interrupt per second per channel?

The encoder is counted in hardware, so no interrupts are needed.
We haven’t tested to the speed limit (we don’t have a fast enough encoder). However the input filtering settings on the ODrive by default should allow signals up to 3.5MHz, so about 14 Mcounts/s.
So theoretically it should be ok. But again, we haven’t tested to that speed, so please let us know how it goes.

What Hardware? Can you provide me with its datasheet?

Normally, Digital Signal Processors for motor control include hardware modules for decoding quadrature encoder pulses in hardware, and then it stores the ‘count’ number in a register that you just read in software. Thus, saving a lot of computational effort.

The encoder module will work with the frequency of the DSP divided by a certain number (frequency divider). That input frequency for the encoder module is the limiting factor for the maximum allowable speed. So I guess that you can just check the datsheet of the DSP and look for the quadrature encoder module,all the settings involved, and the values used in the Odrive firmware.

The hardware is the TIM3 or TIM4 peripheral in the STM32F405 microcontroller.

That’s 15600 rpm at the motor, that’s … quite a bit. What motor are you using?

Maxon EC 4 pole. 200w motor