What proper BLDC motor and encoder can be used in Odrive v3 34v

Hi, I bought 24V ODRIVE V3.

My target is to use ODRIVE to control my robot arm (which already has 4 DC motors(24v) and 4 potentiometers)

my question:
is what kind of BLDC motor can be used in ODRIVE?
potentiometer can be used in ODRIVE? if not, what kind of encoder can be used?

my motor datasheet is
DC 24v
ratio 1:150
current <=0.35A
no load current <=100ma

my potentiometer show below


You will need to use a 3-phase BLDC motor with the ODrive. We offer a handful of these motors on our shop, and here is a list of tested motors. In general, the ODrive can be configured to work with most hobby/professional BLDC motors.
Unfortunately you cannot use a potentiometer as an encoder. Incremental or Hall Effect encoders work great, and there are a few supported SPI encoders as well. Checkout our encoder guide for a detailed list.

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Hi, Nicholas,

thanks a lot!! it is really helpful information to start with ODRIVE.

there is a question about encoder:

you mention if only support with incremental encoders,
so how could find zero position, if ODRIVE restarts? what is normal method?

for zero position problem, this is also the reason why I use potentiometer.



For absolute position you’ll need to use one of the supported SPI encoders:

  • from CUI Devices: AMT232A, AMT232B, AMT233A, AMT233B
  • from ams OSRAM: AS5047P and AS5048A

You can find links for these encoders here, and wiring/config instructions here.

thanks Nicholas.

I understand every new installed motor or encoder need to go through Odrive configuration step, but which parameters in motor and encoder need to be configuaration in Odrive?
these parameters can be found in motor datasheet?
any example?