What to expect if the capacitive encoder is overrunning max RPM?

I’m working on a hybrid robot project where I would need the Odrive + motor to do the following two things (not simultaneously ofc)

  • “Ground Mode”, low-speed (300 RPM Max), precise velocity loop control
  • “Flight Mode”, high speed (9800 RPM Max), reliable like a traditional ESC but less precision needed, just “throttle”

The mechanical design favors through-bore encoders, so I looked at AMT10 but noticed that my 9800 RPM exceeds the max RPM of 7500 to get better solutions of 1000+ PPR. Can I selectively let the ODrive ignore the encoder signal and just do sensorless in Flight Mode?

The AMT10’s resolution is configured through a DIP switch (no change to hardware), so I imagine at least the shaft sleeve should physically hold up to the maximum of 15000 RPM and not burst, right?

Also, is the encoder resolution equivalent to the rotational resolution we can get, or maybe the latter is half or worse? Should I expect some vibration or “backlash” within one encoder click’s angle?

Thank you so much for your help!