What type of power supply

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I am novice and I am interested in your electronic card I would like to know if it 's possible to power Odrive with a lithium polymer battery ?
if yes ,it takes a voltage of 22.2 volts with a 6S battery or more?
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Hi Fabrice,

It is possible to power ODrive with a battery. Note, however, ODrive provides no battery management features.

ODrive uses a braking resistor to dump load from the motor when it’s slowing down, and the software incorporates an “over-voltage” check that will attempt to keep peak bus voltage in a safe range, but it will not protect your battery in any other ways.

A standard 6S LiPo is ~ 22.2V (3.7V per cell) at nominal voltage, but a fully charged LiPo will read about 25.2V (4.2V per cell). This exceeds the rating on the 24V version of ODrive. You can use the 48V version, use a 5S battery, or be very careful not to charge the 6S battery fully. The choice is yours.

I can use version 48V odrive with a 6S battery that does not make a malfunction with 25.2v?
thank you very much for your fast answer

Yes, it should work. Just be careful with the battery.

Ouai. Faites attention à la pile.

You can join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/Dx2wuBU, if you’d like to bounce ideas off each other. I know other people have asked about using a battery but I don’t think anyone’s actually been brave enough to try it yet!

thank ,i think i try

I am in French Polynesia you deliver so far?

Sorry, I can’t answer that question. @madcowswe will have to answer it, but they’re unavailable until next week.

thank you very much Wetmelon

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