Where to source magnetic encoder and ring?


I would like to evaluate the magnetic encoder suggest by oskar => Project HoverArm

namely the AMS as5311 (AS5047P breakout board) => https://ams.com/AS5047P
and its 128 magnet ring.
=> http://ams.com/eng/Products/Magnetic-Position-Sensors/Magnets/AS5000-MR10-128

problem is

  1. for the breakout board
    digitey offers next dispatch in late july
    and mouser in late august

  2. and for the ring, i have no clue since neither digikey nor mouser even know the reference.
    While browsing on ams.com directly, the ring reference links is broken and the breakout board is greyed out (looks like they have nothing left in stock and must produce them again)

Where can i source them in a reasonnable delay (say 1 o 2 weeks)?
or an alternative sourcing for a different yet comparable product?
breakout board on aliexpress requires me to solder things which is likely to end up being a mess + they might be counterfeit anyway :’(

i’m lost :’(

Adding/subtracting two encoder inputs to control a single motor

Don’t order single AS5311 from Ali Express. I did, and it was fake (I tested 3). The only other option to order the encoder was the development board, again from Ali Express since they were out of stock everywhere else. This time I received working product. Also the marking on the chip was a little different, making me sure the first was fake.
I got the rings from AMS directly as free samples, but I can see that the link is broken now. Unfortunately it might be difficult to obtain the rings at the moment.
The rings are fragile. I broke one. So I treated the two last ones very carefully for installation.