Why always 1024?

Hello, I’m trying to drive my ODrive,The PCB is designed by myself according the schematic v3.5 provided.Now, I’ve soldered the board and flashed the code.The software runs sucessfully. However, there is something wrong. When I open the odrivetool and enter dump_errors(odrv0,True), the odrivetool gives me feedback like thisimage
then I enter odrv0.axis0.motor.gate_driver.drv_fault andodrv0.axis1.motor.gate_driver.drv_fault, the return code is 0 and 1024.
The soldering is good(I think…)
How can it be?
Have someone encountered this problem before, give me some advise, thank you!

I’ve learned that 1024 refers to GVDD Overvlotage,but I check both the two GVDD, they are exactly 11.1V