Why happen the Encoder error ERROR_ILLEGAL_HALL_STATE

hi everyone.

i’m use the odrive v3.6 56v

i have a stupid question.

i solved ILLEGAL_HALL_STATE error already use the 47nF capacitors

but If i unplug the cable from A,B,Z hole and plug it back in that, i got a ILLEGAL_HALL_STATE.

Strangely, this problem can be solved by replacing it with a new line.

What on earth is the problem?

Was it just the line that had the problem?

Hi there,

Usually the capacitors need to be soldered directly to the ODrive board (like this), or electrical interference can still be picked up. If not properly soldered and arranged, even small differences in cable position can cause issues - which may be the problem here.

thank you for reply
Thanks to your advice it was resolved!!

really thanks a lot!!!

Awesome! Glad I could help!

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