Working on balancing robot

I have been building a copy of James Burton’s Sonic HedgeHog robot.
I now have it balancing although not great.

Don’t have the legs or load cells working in the video.
It has been a lot of fun to build!
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That looks great. What control strategy have you used for the balance and movement control? I’m also getting started on self-balancing projects using the odrive.

I just copied the original code James Burton put up on his website for the Sonic robot, to start with. I have been making small changes as I learn how to drive it. Mostly playing with PID numbers that are used in balancing and adding lots of terminal statements so I can record what is happening. It is a fun project ( get to use lots of tools, CAD, CAM, programming) and am still working on it.

Here is my 2nd video, I don’t have very good control. Am thinking some of my Odrive setup numbers could use adjusting. I have config.vel_gain " << 5.0f / 10000.0f and vel_integrator_gain " << 3.0f / 10000.0f. Maybe these need to be higher? Any ideas would be appreciated.