24V Odrive with 7S Lipo pack

I have a pair of 24V hoverboard motors that I’d like to control using a V3.5 24V Odrive.
The hoverboard uses a 7S Lipo pack. So that would mean it would be 25.9V nominal (but potentially 29,4V maximum). I’m guessing the chances of killing the Odrive would be quite high? Am I better of using a 6S battery? Or does the Odrive have some tolerance for higher voltages?

Edit: I just found this comment by Madcowswe:
“The voltage is indeed pretty hard-limited at 24V. The first thing you hit is the capacitor ratings at 25V. I don’t think they blow up at higher voltages, but they degrade very quickly. Once you hit the breakdown voltage of the MOSFETS at 30V, they will just conduct the battery voltage straight to ground and let the smoke out.”
So would that mean I could use the 7S battery, as long as I make sure to not use it fresh off the charger? How long would it take for the capacitators to give up the ghost?

I think that the 56v is the only solution in this case.
Trust me, I’ve been there.
I’m an odrive slaughterer who had over 20 of kill marks.(2 for yesterday)
Maybe 27.2v is 50% percent of the 7s capacity.
So, It cannot keep driving continuously in average.
And, Dc2dc down converter to fit 100% 7s there is not a free one.(I have add 10 of 0.8kw Dc down converter into my inventory uselessly by throughout same case)
There The 56V is!

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