6 DOF racesimulator


Hi Stijn,
its so interesting seeing your Simulator growing :smiley:
As the simulator is part of your graduation, Do you have a fixed date it has to be finished?
Have you already managed to run the Odrive and Simtool together?
kind regards
Peter W.


I did design it myself but I haven’t simulated it, I’ve drawn it in Autodesk Inventor

Cheers Carelsbergh Stijn



I do indeed have a fixed date, but I don’t know it by hard, it is somewhere by the end of may. I’ve not really looked into the ODrive, because it isn’t that hard for me normaly.

Carelsbergh Stijn


Hi all,

Little update on my project, all the parts from the actuators are ready, time to start on the frame.

now it’s time to program the odrives, I hope you guys ar willing to help me :wink:


Carelsbergh Stijn



here are the fully finished drawings

And here are the frames


Hi Stijn

that looks amazing. Nice work.

Greetings / Zennix


Hi guys

I want to start programming my machine, please help me.

What do I have to install?

I have an ST-link V2


Carelsbergh Stijn