6DOF motion platform using ODrive


Hi Boardy

nice to hear that you like my work!
Yes, all the parts I machined by myself. I have a small workshop and a old lathe. So it is possible to make it with medium quality machinery, but there are some things that can be done better from an professional manufacturer. Especially the drilles and threads around the turned parts are difficult to make precise with my equipment.
When my prototype is finished (needs some more weeks due to lack of time) I will make the list of materials and name all suppliers.
My aim is to share all my work in the future, but due to lack of time things continue only when I have enough spare time.
I also plan to make a bulk order of some Materials/ Parts that I can share with people who are interrested in my work and dont have the possibility to do everything themselve.
If you are seriously interrested in making the same actuator I propose you start with an Odrive test stand and try to get a working drive.
If you need further help - you are wellcome!

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Thanks! I am waiting on the odrives as they are on back order. I am excited to play with all this stuff. Do you mind quickly sharing your dimensions on the pipes? Stainless steel? Inner diameter and outer diameter? I am trying to get a projected cost before I delve in. Also, what kind of plastic are you using?

I’ll stop bugging you after this I promise!




Hi Boardy!
Sorry for the late reply!
Today I made a parts list with the prices I have or estimate.
So one actuator will cost aproximately 475,- € including Odrives, encoders, universal joints.
That means that 6 actuators will cost 2850,-€. The power supply I estimate to 250,-€
The Platform I estimate to 200,-€
So the complete 6DOF platform will cost about 3300,-€
This seems to be a lot of money, but keep in mind that your actuators will be connected directly to the PC and nothing else will be needed!
Here is the parts list (no guaranty being complete)

1 motor 30
1 coupling 8
1 Spindle 1605, 600mm long 77
1 inner ring 2
1 encoder 44
2 angular ball bearing 9
0,5 Odrive (costs for 1 Motor) 90
1 shaft seal 10
5 O-rings 5
1 Alu-pipe 84mm 20
1 Steal pipe 2 inch 20
Material 30
screws 10
4 distance bolts 7
20 magnets 5
2 Reed-switches 10
1 Valve 8
Grease 10
miscellaneus and delivery 30
universal jonits 50

Regarding your questions:
The thick tube of the prototype is Aluminium 84mm inner diameter x 3mm, 728mm long. But after the prototype I will change to a much better but more expensive Aluminium hard coated pneumatic tube with little smaller diameter (80mm inner diameter x 2,5mm).
the thin tube was Aluminium, but I just changed it to stainless polished steel 2inch outer diameter and 555mm long. It looks much cooler now :yum: :sunglasses:

The plastic parts are all made from POM that is easy to work with.

Good luck for your Project!

kind regards