After accident position and velocity outputs broken

Had a battery contact my teensy that was connected via uart (will not leave a battery with exposed terminals around again lol). Teensy is toast but odrive still runs perfectly except for the pos and vel outputs (both via my laptop and an ardrino), after reseting and calibrating the motor still runs perfectly listening to position and torque commands accurately however the data returned is still nonsense.
I suspect I will have to chock it up to experience and buy a new odrive if I need readout, but I cant figure out what part is broken for it to work but to not output good data.
I wondered if I used CAN the data would be correct but probably wishful thinking right
Is this fixable or am I lucky I still get any functionality at all?

What do you mean data is nonsense? Does it output correctly over USB? What encoder are you using?

I’m using the 16384 cpr RS485 encoder, the position and velocity graphs on pc (via usb) show the values changing wildly even when the motor is still and remain wild whether the motor is on or off (motor still controls perfectly though). Although when I tested again today the values occasionally showed correctly, however still not at all when viewed via the Arduino. I have a new teensy arriving tomorrow so will check again. I remembered i had this problem when i first started the odrive last year, and then without changing anything the data became congruent and stayed that way perhaps that will happen again and this is unrelated to the accident with the old teensy.

Hm, maybe there’s a chance the encoder is damaged? Definitely check the wiring.

Is the arduino still able to communicate with the ODrive?

With the teensy the odrive works perfectly again, same error with ardrino and pc is good again too(mostly the same error occurs but only when the motor is stationary; even rotating the motor by hand causes the data to become correct) . does the uart baud rate affect usb too, the Arduino is only at 19200 where as the teensy connects at 115200, my arduino will not connect above 19200 but i asume it is an error with my specific ardrino. The arduino can still communicate just the data received is bad. The io connecter into the odrive seams to have a bad connection, when i jostle it sometimes the teensy disconnects, but the connector is fully seated and looking at the connectors it seams fine. Could the wires be lose inside their crimps ? My main problem is solved, though i will check the io connecter (after the weekend)

I cannot get the error to reoccur, after checking my wiring so most lightly the product of a loose connection or perhaps interference.