Am I missing something?

I have my oDrive, motor, and encoder set up on my bench and I’ve gotten speed and position control running via oDrivetool.

But what now? Is there a guide to features, settings, and various kinematic parameters - PID, FF, acceleration, motion profiles, and/or ??? I feel like maybe I just haven’t found documentation or maybe I just need to play with this and discover what’s there, but that seems unlikely that everyone using an oDrive just learns it by happenstance.

Ultimately, I’d like to do some firmware work on oDrive but getting my head around what’s already here is a challenge.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can point out the way!

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Check out and the github page

Outside of that, feel free to ask questions here or join us on Discord, where a lot of the discussion happens. Come chat with us!

It’s true that the documentation is lacking, perhaps that’s something you could help with to get up to speed!

Thanks for the links!

Yes, I’ve submitted some corrections to the docs (just correcting links for now) and will look to do more as I grok the oDrive more completely.

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