Come chat with us!


In order to provide a direct way for people to chat, and better support things like security, moderation and fancy things like voice and video chat, desktop sharing, etc, I have established a Discord server.

If you already have a Discord account, you can join us by visiting this link:
Create a User, or Sign-in to Discord - Connect to ODrive #general
This link will also allow you to create a new Discord account should you desire to.

It is not necessary for you to create an account in order to use this service!
If you do not wish to register an account, you can use all of the service functions with a temporary membership by visiting
Sign in as a Temporary Member - Connect to ODrive #general
It is important to note that any direct messages, or other ‘saved’ features will be lost when you disconnect if you are a temporary member.

See you there!

Nema17 case and gearbox for 3520 Motors
Unresponsive USB after about 20 secs
Am I missing something?

Null has transferred ownership of the server to me, and this is therefore the official ODrive discord server.

So for more structured posts and more persistent discussions, the forum is where it is at; but there is certainly room for realtime communications, and I think that this Discord server is a good place for that.


Great idea on the discord. I’m having issues posting to the channel though. Is there a permissions thing there?


Hm that’s odd, I tried to log in as a guest in incognito mode (so no cookies from my actual account), and I was able to post.
The auto-moderation is disabled, and the “everyone” category has “send text messages” permissions enabled.


This was from the app. I’m away from my PC at the moment. Will try again there. Just thought I’d ask.



I am good to go now. Just forgot the click the activation link in the email they sent. Derp.


There is a certificate error on the website, please check.