Can I use the flipsky temperature pin?

I currently have a Flipsky 63100 190KV motor and an ODrive pro. The motor has a 6 pin connector with 5V, temp, Hall A, HallB, Hall C, and GND. The temperature pin is a temperature output. I do not yet know in what form, I’ve been unable to find documentation on it through Flipsky. I’m hoping someone here might.

The odrive pro has a “thermistor +” and “thermistor -” connection.

My question is: is it possible to hook up the temp pin on the Flipsky motor to the thermistor input on the Odrive? If now, is there a way I could go about connecting it, perhaps through an analog pin?

Thanks in advance!

Looks like the odrive analogue input is rated to 3.3v, I’m not sure if the temperature sensor you’ve mentioned is just a resistor or not but if it’s putting out a voltage you will want to check the range it outputs and step down if needed.

Check resistance with a multimeter between temp and GND, see if you get a reading in the 2-20kohm range, and if it changes with temperature. If yes to all of those it’s likely you have something that will work, but you will still know the parameters of the thermistor to plug into the ODrive to get the correct temperature.

Thanks for the response! I’ll take a look, seems like a great place to start.

Well good call! Looks like it’s a resistance tied to ground. I measured around 5.6kohm today at an ambient temperature of ~95 F which makes me think it’s a 10k type 2 NTC thermocouple. If I figure out anything more I’ll be sure to post back here in case anyone else looks for this info in the future.

Thanks again for your help!