Encoder on M1 not working

I can’t get the encoder on M1 to work. The same encoder, motor and wiring work on M0. I have traced the fault to M1_ENC_B. There is no continuity from R33 to PB7, the board is v3.5. What can I do to find where this is happening and how do I rectify it?

axis: Error(s):
motor: no error
encoder: Error(s):
controller: no error

I have the same issue. Same setup that works for M0 is not working for M1. Did you got any solution for this?

Problem solved by soldering relevant pin in the stm32. Try to solder it carefully.
Thank you.


My problem was the same issue as yours but different pin. I messed up the rework though :frowning: , so I’ve already got a replacement STM32. I just have to find the time when I feel like doing it. I wish Odrive could be tested before they sent them out to avoid problems like this. Hopefully v4 will be out soon and that will be better?