Experimental Quadruped with 3d-printed gearboxes

Hey everyone! I’ve been developing a (relatively) low-cost quadruped robot and I’ve just published a short video of a motion test (accessible at the IG link above). The goal of the project was to build a quadruped that is a bit bigger than the MIT Mini Cheetah but smaller than Boston Dynamics’ Spot Mini, while controlling costs and using off-the-shelf/3d printed parts. Of course, I am using 6 odrives, for a total of 12 motors (3 per leg). Ultimately, I am hoping to turn this robot into a commercial product (primarily aimed at researchers & prosumers), while also keeping as much of it open-source as possible.

The gearboxes are an original design, but were inspired by the OpenTorque project. I daresay my design is a bit more modular and rugged.

Now that it’s built, the next step is to implement some dynamic balancing & walking algorithms, which is probably going to take a while. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to answer questions about the project. If you want to like/follow/share the IG account, that would also be appreciated.


Looks cool!

It’ll be cool when it’s walking.

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