Facing SYSTEM LEVEL ERROR | Odrive Pro

We are using O Drive Pro & Estun PMSM Motor ( MPN : EMJ-04APB22)

We are first time user of Odrive.

And trying to calibrate custom motor.

The motor is having incremental encoder with Index pulse.

To enable safe calibration we are operating at lowest voltage supported by Odrive Pro ( i.e., 15V DC @ 2 Amps )

After applying all needful settings - when we press calbration ODrive Pro give us SYSTEM LEVEL error and RED light blinks on module.

Considering that Odrive might need firmware update - we tried updating the firmware by keeping required switch in DFU mode. But Odrive never gets found out.

Please suggest how to proceed ahead.

Hi Vinay,

Are you using ODrivetool or the GUI?

Can you please say what your calibration_current and resistance_calib_max_voltage are set to? (notated as “Motor calib. current” and “Motor calib. voltage” in the GUI)

This is reminiscent of an issue in older firmware versions - when your resistance_calib_max_voltage/“Motor calib. voltage” is too high, the ODrive throws a SYSTEM_LEVEL error instead of correctly reporting the issue.

For the DFU issue, frequently Windows computers have issues detecting the ODrive in DFU mode. For a fix, please see the Zadig steps here.