Getting started with ODrive V3.5

Hello everyone. (new here)
So I bought some (4) ball screw actuator setups at an auction and they are fitted with ODrive V3.5 48v, also an esp32 and encoder (AMT102-V). This is the first time I have come across ODrive and looking around on the web and community forums I am struggling to get anything to happen with my gear or download Anything ODrive. Can Someone please help me get up and running? Please that will boost my confidence coz right now I’m not sure I’m doing anything right.
Kind regards.

Hi there! You can check out the getting started guide for v3.5/v3.6 here: Getting Started — ODrive Documentation 0.5.6 documentation

Unfortunately there’s definitely a bit of DIY required on those older models, but it should be straightforward :slight_smile: feel free to ask for hep if you get stuck!

Hey Solomondg
Thank you for your reply.
Going to that documentation guides me to that python3 download and that is also confusing to me. I guess what i might need at the moment is more of a walkthrough to get something happening , I am a little more familiar with Arduino and to with Python at all. Yeah finding good info on this old gear is scarce yes. I need to get to the part where I can write(or copy and paste for now) a little program on Arduino and download it to the odrive.