Hoverboard wheels + ODrive board + Arduino/Pi for ROBOT

Want to power two hover board wheels on a medium sized robot.
I have done testing controlling from my mobile a Remote control car with mods but now I move up to the big boys hub motors from a hoverboard and realise i need to obtain a controller fit for purpose.

I assume this ODrive board does this so long as I drop voltage from 36 back to 24v. Im not super technical and know about enough to get me in trouble.

If i purchase this board can I attach the hoverboard wheels, a 24v battery, and download an adrduino sketch (or Python code for Pi) which will allow me to control these two wheels using a browser / mobile phone etc?

looking for a solution suited for people (like me) that should know better than playing with code and electronics :0) Ideally someone has done something similar and can share / sell me code. end game is being able to control robot with mobile phone and view POV from camera on robot.


i am working on something very close.
you can order 48v odrive boards. at least that’s what i did and should receive them soon.
one key question is: will i need some extra encoders or will the support of hall effect sensor (already available in the hoverboard motors) provide enough precision for my usecase of an avg…

we’ll see

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I am in the same position as you guys. I just need a confirmation that a hall effect sensor will work?

you running pi or arduino ?

Hi Trash pilot, You and I are in the same boat. I have. A few projects that would work great on this board. I just need to confirm it was tested on hallsensore commutation.

@trashpilot and @alexisdal and @mac_patel which hoverboard motors are you using? I got this one: https://gotrax.com/shop/hoverboards/hoverfly-eco/

no clue. It says “gyroboard” on the – now disassembled – product. I bought it in france in a nearby store.
I can tell the wheel’s diameter is about 168mm diameter (6.5 inches?). All I know is that it’s exactly like oskar discribed in his excellent overboard motor teardown post (hoverarm project).
For the same price of delivered hoverboard motors, i had an entire hoverboard with a battery in it. For that money i was just happy to take the risk of ending up with a useless brick :slight_smile:

From Oskar:

[oDrive] can [read hull effect sensors], but that firmware isn’t generally released yet, I have to clean it up and document it. But yes it does work and we used it for the shopping cart demo.

Excellent… anyone want some cash to help me get something coded up ?

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Let’s definitely collaborate. See my DM

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how did you go ? I have 2 boards on backorder.

There is now a writeup describing how to get halls working. The feature will be available in the next release, and you can try it on devel if you are really keen.

Great, I looked for this firmware devel but I could not find it, could you put the link here?

OK guys, i have my 2 new whiz bang 48v ODrives and have connected two hoverboard wheels as per photos. I managed to get through software install on mac and can recognise the ODRive.

Wheels turn about 1mm then stop , both odrv0 and odrv1. once they have moved once they dont move again until i disconnect usb port and reconnect.

results here

In [16]: odrv0.vbus_voltage
Out[16]: 40.68764877319336

In [10]: hex(odrv0.axis1.error)
Out[10]: ‘0x41’

In [11]: hex(odrv0.axis0.error)
Out[11]: ‘0x41’

i have not connected hall sensors and am just connected with the three wires on both motors. Yellow cable in middle as seen on all your demos. i assume this is all required for test to complete ? i dont know how many magnets there are in the wheels so i have not changed any settings during setup. any advice really appreciated.

Hi Trashpilot, are you using the Sensorless mode? Hall effect sensors or encoders are required otherwise. You will definitely need to know the pole count of the motors also.

Check out https://docs.odriverobotics.com/troubleshooting

Just wanna give an update: we released a new version of the firmware, and with that comes support for hall effect feedback, hoverboard motors, and pwm input: they were not officially supported before.
You can check the hoverboard guide in the documentation.
You will need to upgrade your firmware to fw-v0.4.2, instructions here.


excellent these updates to the firmware will be really helpful for us all. Excited about these features once i recover device access and am up an running…

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I have modified by connecting hall sensors… im guessing i have to open the motors to count the poles?

You can just look at the hall sensors. If they each do N complete cycles per revolution, then you have N pole pairs.